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Pressure on for employers to reward permanent IT recruits as market picks

12 August 2014

Bonus payments and perks in Australia’s IT sector remain steady but increasing demand for contractors is putting pressure on employers to secure its permanent workforce. A survey of 4,863 professionals by one of the country’s leading IT recruiters, Candle... read full story

Lessons for ICT sector learned from across the ditch

13 May 2014

 For nearly twelve months, the Clarius Skills Indicator has reported a growing glut of IT professionals in Australia. Yet across the ditch the ICT market booms. Where once kiwi professionals flocked to the Great Southern Land, they’re now staying put, r... read full story

Offshoring IT services hits Australian job market but tide is turning

06 May 2014

A slowdown in new IT systems investment and a sharp increase in offshoring information services to Asia have significantly swelled the oversupply of ICT professionals, according to the latest Clarius Skills Indicator.The May 2014 Clarius Skills Indicator*... read full story

Christchurch IT salaries surge as leading recruitment specialists launches new office

02 April 2014

Leading New Zealand IT recruitment agency Candle has released new data from MySalaryPortal.co.nz which reveals the Christchurch market is heating up with wages spiking 10 per cent in the past six months. The new data coincides with the launch of Candle’... read full story

Jump in IT professionals prepared to switch jobs for less money

14 February 2014

Nearly one in 10 professionals in the IT sector would leave their current roles for less money – a doubling of job dissatisfaction, a new national survey has revealed. The survey of 1,260 IT professionals* by leading employment services provider Candle... read full story

Urgent need to ramp up IT technical skills and disciplines

21 October 2013

Australian IT is losing its edge in developing talent outside of skills deemed trendy side of IT such as app and online development, according to the latest Clarius Skills Indicator report.For the first time, the nation is actually losing talent across th... read full story

Bonuses and benefits still a powerful lure in IT job negotiations despite drops

29 August 2013

“Workforce indicators predict some slow but positive growth from early 2014 and companies will look strategically at the skills they need and what they’re prepared to offer for them”. Using bonuses and benefits to attract and keep key IT staff is sti... read full story

Slower IT jobs market but minor skills shortage emerges among ICT managers

07 May 2013

The IT job market has slowed faster than most other sectors of the economy during the past six months, creating an oversupply of 300 professionals, but a shortage of 100 ICT managers has emerged, according to the new Clarius Skills Indicator for the March... read full story

IT job market softens as shortage remains and employers seek multi-skilled staff

25 February 2013

While some sections of the IT jobs market have softened, there remained an overall shortage of more than 4,600 IT professionals during the December quarter, according to the latest Clarius Skills Index released today. Data warehousing, SAP and business in... read full story

Top Australian ICT executives earn $400,000 dollars a year

11 December 2012

A Salary Intelligence Report from Candle reveals that the top permanent salary earner in 2012 is paid almost half a million dollars a year.  The Candle Salary Intelligence Report draws on data from more than 7,600 IT specific anonymous salary entries acr... read full story